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Your Journey with Concentric Advisors

For over a decade, we have supported clients in some of the world's fastest growing industries to successfully solve security challenges. We believe there is no boiler plate solution for security, and we collaborate with clients to provide services that fit seamlessly into their personal lives and work environments.



Holistically look at our clients' situation to identify where risks exist in the physical and digital space.

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Proactively approach and leverage decades of experience to create tailored solutions built specifically for our clients.

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Safeguard some of the world's most influential companies and individuals with top-tier operational, intelligence, investigative, and cyber security talent.





Non-profit security


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Countries Operated In

We have no boundaries in keeping you safe. Our employees operate around the clock and the globe.


Languages Spoken

With unique backgrounds, specialties, and experiences we're proud to hire the best talent in the security industry.  


Veterans Employed

We're privileged to employ the best and the brightest who bring dynamic experience and dedicated service to our clients. 

Our Commitment

Our vision is to be recognized as the most innovative, capable, and trusted security management partner in the world. We not only bring top-quality services to our clients, but we take it upon ourselves to be a leader in critical green initiatives.



Recent Blogs

Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Barsness

We are excited to introduce you to Jonathan Barsness, PhD, an Intelligence Analyst with Concentric Advisors. Joining our team in early 2020, Jonathan brings extensive intelligence knowledge and experience to our team supporting clients. 


What is a...

Risk and Responsibility Owned by the Energy Sector

The energy sector simultaneously faces the most responsibility and most risk when it comes to climate change. Energy accounts for over two-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions, due to its essential nature to nearly all of the world’s...

Green Initiative Definitions

We wholeheartedly admit to learning as we go in regard to our Green Security initiatives. We are consistently learning new terms and new ways in which we can communicate our climate initiatives. In that vein, we offer the below commonly used terms...

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