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Due Diligence & Background Investigations

Concentric’s team of investigators provide our clients with the peace-of-mind knowing that their private staff, corporate employees, and vendor companies are trustworthy and reputable. Our government-trained investigators help our clients mitigate risk and exposure by thoroughly vetting candidates ranging from nannies to CEOs, and our due-diligence checks ensure that a company you are working with does not leave you vulnerable to negative legal or reputational actions.

Due Diligence & Investigative Services

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Corporate Due Diligence

Concentric due-diligence reports give the critical information clients need to make better business and security decisions. Concentric has an international team of subject matter experts and investigators that can conduct comprehensive due diligence reports covering most regions of Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and China. Our reporting covers an array of issues, ranging from regulatory searches, verification, litigation checks, and corporate records to discrete interviews, reputational checks, and political exposure analysis.

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Background Investigations

At our most basic level, Concentric investigators assess online criminal, civil, and traffic searches in every jurisdiction (federal, state, local) where the subject has lived and worked for the past seven years. This includes verification of social security numbers and a credit report. Additionally, Concentric can verify past education, professional licensing, previous residences, and employment history. Our investigators also conduct telephonic interviews with at least two listed references and one developed reference who can speak authoritatively to the subject’s character, reputation, and trustworthiness.

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Subject Interviews

For positions of extreme trust with access to sensitive information or assets, Concentric can complete a subject interview in addition to the standard background investigation. Concentric uses former CIA/FBI polygraphers or senior police investigators to conduct these interviews using advanced elicitation and character assessment techniques. The interviewer will cover the candidate’s motivation, background, employment and resident histories, education, criminal activity, civil court actions, substance abuse, illegal drug use, financial stability, history of violence, employment theft, computer abuse, media acquaintances, conflicts of interest, and concerning support or affiliation that might put the client at risk.

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