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Dedicated Staffing

Secure staffing is a high-touch solution that absorbs the complexity and risks of employment while strengthening the integrity and safety of our clients’ workforce. We offer a full range of vetting services to identify qualified candidates for our clients. Once a hiring decision has been made, Concentric acts as the employer of record and assumes the burden of payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation, and compliance. Clients manage the daily duties and assignments of all employees, allowing flexibility to direct operations as needed.

Dedicated Staffing Services

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Many of our clients need in-house dedicated intelligence and investigative support. Concentric regularly provides highly capable analysts and investigators to work for a number of corporate clients and private family offices. The standard analyst has an advanced degree from one of the country’s top graduate schools, which empowers our clients to make informed decisions that impact business operations, travel, and safety of executives and employees. Concentric provides ongoing training to all of our analysts on a variety of topics such as strategic writing, open source intelligence collection, investigation methodology, and crisis management.

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Concentric provides teams of dedicated Executive Security Agents and Residential Security Agents to support ongoing daily operations, tasks, and force protection measures. Our agents may be armed or unarmed, depending on the client’s preference. Our agents will support protection efforts and lend operational support to designated personnel or residences. Agents are also trained to provide both security and concierge services as directed by the client and often sit at the front desk in a corporate environment. Concentric provides required training as well as maintaining the licensing requirements, specific to state regulations.

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Certain roles within an organization require high levels of trust and confidence. Concentric may assist our clients with filling a variety of positions - from administrative to chief of staff. We have an internal recruiting and human resources team that works with you to find the right fit for your company, family office, or estate. Our team provides a comprehensive management approach and assists with onboarding, offboarding, payroll, and benefits.

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