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Security Operations

Concentric discreetly protects the private, commercial, and philanthropic interests of clients around the world. Our method is holistic and links the physical and digital realms for a comprehensive protective strategy. Our global support network allows us to operate in some of the most complex and challenging environments. Concentric’s team keeps some of the most influential individuals in the world safe—at home and abroad—every day.

Security Operations Services

Executive Protection icon

Executive Protection

Concentric’s Executive Protection program represents a seamless collaboration between our elite operational and analytical capabilities. Persistent intelligence monitoring and threat management strategies enable our global network of protection experts to safeguard your health, wellbeing, and reputation. Our agents are top-tier and have safeguarded some of the most well known and influential executives on all seven continents. Our proactive and holistic approach to your security enables us to keep you out of distressful situations in the first place, and to provide expert support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. When an Executive Protection Agent is not needed, we provide Secure Driver Services to ensure that you get from Point A to Point B in a safe and timely manner.

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Physical Security

Whether at home or the office, Concentric keeps our clients safe. Our experts provide comprehensive physical security assessments that identify vulnerabilities in camera coverage, security barriers, locks, sensors, and alarm systems. We help our clients upgrade their security systems to meet current standards, and we train staff and family members on personal security practices. Concentric also provides Executive Security Agents and Residential Security Agents who work at corporate offices, estates, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

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Virtual Risk Management

Concentric Overwatch is an industry-leading safety, security, and support service that gives our clients a virtual safety-net anywhere in the world without the restriction of using a full-time executive protection team. Our Overwatch program uses cutting-edge technology to continuously track and monitor the security environment around our clients. Specialists in our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) can communicate directly with each user to provide real-time alerts and help triage emergency situations. In the event of a crisis, our specialists will seamlessly engage our local executive protection agents to quickly provide emergency support or air evacuation service from clients in nearly every country around the world.

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