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Specialized Services

Concentric’s internal experts and external network of strategic partners are able to solve numerous complex problems for our clients. From digitally safeguarding mobile devices to removing home addresses and social security numbers from the deep and dark web, Concentric regularly assists our clients with bespoke services customized to their specific needs. Additionally, Concentric conducts training for our dedicated staff and external partners on topics such as intelligence analysis, strategic writing, investigation methodology, and active shooter and situational awareness training. If you have a complex challenge you need solved that isn’t explicitly listed, Concentric likely has the resources, experiences, and network to help.

Specialized Services

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Cyber Security

Concentric’s holistic approach to risk management extends to safeguarding our clients in the digital space. Our cyber security teams work with both private and corporate clients to secure their identities, privacy, intellectual property, and media footprints. We provide 24/7 live network threat monitoring, mobile device protection, complex cyber incident response, and forensic investigations.

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Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Removal

Concentric offers a managed service solution to remove our clients’ personal information from public data aggregation sites. Personal information includes name, address, phone number, relatives, business associations, licensing information, financial transactions, and other information our clients deem private. We leverage our strategic partnership to continuously monitor and remove personal information from over 250 data aggregation sites. Our digital security teams also specialize in deleting or hiding unwanted information and social media content.

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Concentric provides training to our internal team members as well as external dedicated employees, corporate security teams, private family offices, and estate staff. Topics of training range from basic Security 101, where we train non-security personnel on best personal security practices to safeguard themselves, to Active Shooter Training and Critical Incident Management. We provide regular training to our analysts on the intelligence cycle and investigation methodology. We also give regular briefings to our employees and clients on emerging trends and security threats and the impact to their respective operations. Our programs are customizable to fit the needs of your organization, employees, and family members.

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