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Strategic Intelligence

Intelligence-led security is essential for effectively managing risk in a complex threat environment. Our background in national security enables us to leverage cutting edge intelligence methodologies to improve our clients’ ability to detect threats and manage risk. Concentric’s in-house research and analysis team has top-tier analytical capabilities and a robust technical toolkit.

Strategic Intelligence Services

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Security & Risk Audits

Our team provides Enterprise and Family level security assessments that are designed to surface key trends and patterns in order to develop a comprehensive risk profile. Once complete, we provide scalable recommendations to improve internal and external security practices. Our team of analysts look at social media footprints, conduct sentiment analysis, search for online disclosure of personal information, and check for exposure on the deep and dark web.

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Risk Intelligence

Concentric’s team creates tailored analytical reports that allow clients to make strategic decisions and manage risks in an uncertain world. We leverage our operational partners, extensive data resources, and geopolitical expertise to inform contingency planning, assess geopolitical impacts on business or philanthropy, track extremist or other online threats, or explore other specialized topics.

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Strategic Consulting

Concentric Advisors partners with our clients to help them solve their most challenging problems. Our holistic consulting services draw on best practices from across the industry to design programs, evaluate risks, and build meaningful security solutions that give stakeholders the information they need to keep their people and assets safe. Our team of experts has helped Fortune 100 companies and private family offices alike.

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