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Threat Management

Personal information is readily available on the internet via social media and data aggregator sites. Stalkers no longer need to sit outside your home or office to map your movements; they only need to follow you (or your children) on Instagram. Concentric’s team of experts are able to continuously monitor for threats, assess concerning communications, and provide support mitigating the threats posed by individuals and groups with nefarious motives.

Threat Management Services

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Persistent Threat Monitoring

Concentric offers continuous monitoring to track incidents and emerging threats in real-time using our 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). This monitoring can support ad hoc needs for corporate security teams or be used to monitor high-threat events and executive travel. Our monitoring process utilizes a range of innovative search and analytical tools to monitor social networks, media outlets, and other data sources. This monitoring acts as an early warning mechanism, giving our clients tools to better understand their threat environment and mitigate any potential risk.

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Person of Interest (POI) Management & Investigations

As a core pillar of threat management, Concentric’s protective intelligence team helps clients design, build, and manage programs to gather and analyze critical information on risks related to problematic individuals and groups that are fixated on our clients. Additionally, Concentric's team of investigators are able to identify, assess, and mitigate the risk posed by individuals and groups with nefarious motives. Our team works with forensic psychologists from the government and private sectors and liaises with law enforcement to ensure these complex and troublesome cases are handled discretely and to the client's satisfaction.

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Behavioral Threat Assessments

Concentric Advisors maintains a team of Protective Intelligence Analysts that investigate threats, conduct thorough analysis, and advise our clients on recommended courses of action. Our team is trained to identify potential indicators of violence and works with our clients’ security teams, mental health professionals, and law enforcement as necessary and on a case-by-case basis. Concentric also maintains a professional partnership with multiple forensic psychologists who assist us on the most complex and extreme cases. Many of our analysts are members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and attend regular local, regional, and national training events.

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